There is a small (really large) club of people who share a few thoughts. You might be in the club if you have ever said any of the following; “You said you would start tomorrow yesterday”, “I can’t launch or produce something because its not perfect”, or how about “After this degree, class, certificate I will be ready to reach my goals”? Any of those sound like you? Well you my friend our in the club of self sabotagers. I know self sabotage can sound like its really bad and that you somehow are defective but here’s the truth. In a lot of ways these beliefs and behaviors have protected you, they have been drivers to achieve new goals amongst other things.  But…. Like anything too much self sabotage gets in the way and stops you from reaching your goals and feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments. 

Hey There!

 In addition to self sabotage you have probably noticed that you have some anxiety around things, worrying about the future while living in the present anxiety you had last week. Sound about right, that is because too much sabotage opens the door to anxiety and in some cases depression. It doesn’t mean you need intensive therapy (although its ok if you do) but you have now added that into your cycle of stuff. Imagine what life could be if you didn’t have to worry about something being “just right”? Or if you knew you didn’t another degree, certificate to make you feel like you had enough education or expertise. That’s what LifesavHer is all about. We target self sabotage, anxiety and trauma here. This is a space to exist, a space to explore and a space to become what you have been dreaming about becoming.