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How to go from overwhelmed to fulfilled!

“Where is your baby?” Does that sound familiar? If you are a woman then you probably remember that being a staple of your childhood. From a young age being handed a baby doll and instructed on how to care for it and be a “good mother”. I remember growing up and seeing women be both caretakers and have careers or at least work outside of the house. The messages were seemingly “ take care of your household and everyone in it first” or my favorite “ as a women you are the first one up and the last one down each day”. What was the goal of those messages? I know they were meant well but spoiler alert they left a lot of women unsure of how to have “it all”. Don’t get me wrong being a partner, mother, career woman is fulfilling but I must be honest it can also be exhausting and leave you feeling like you don’t know who you are. Are you ready for something different? 

This is a clinician led course (this is not therapy) that will lead to increased self-discovery and add new skills to your tool box. By doing this work it can lead to improving your connection to yourself and in turn will improve how you connect to others in your life. When you open yourself to this process it can and will lead to you healing old wounds and open the door to breaking generational curses. The outcomes from going deep and healing yourself will impact all areas of your life. Imagine feeling comfortable and confident to set boundaries, to feel confident instead of overwhelmed, and to restore your brain/body connection.

As women we are taught from a young age to take care of others. Many of us are taught as young girls that our worth and value is wrapped in how well we take care of others. And because we see so many other women doing just that we do it too. That leads us to trying to be the best caregiver, mom, wife, employee or boss possible. And what happens next, you guessed it “the Superwoman” complex shows up. Over time we end up exhausted, burned out and even resentful of the life we created. Because of the standard norms and the happiness our families have we find it hard to tell others we are exhausted or tired so we continue to try harder. Even when we increase our self-care days and our vacations, we are still exhausted. That’s because the tired/exhaustion we are feeling is deeper than a few self-care days or vacations. LifesavHer Healing Herself is designed to be the answer to that feeling. . Its designed to give you useful skills that you can use immediately to change the direction or at least give you a blueprint to begin when you are ready.

I’ve spent the majority of my career working with women in various capacities. The last few years I begin working with women who have anxiety and attachment related traumas. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this time is that many women are anxious because of the messages they have been told are they are telling themselves to maintain their lives. Typically, when I meet women over 40 most of them talk about how drained they are and how they feel unfulfilled in their current lives. They love their families and even the lives they have built but there is still something. My work with them has centered around finding out who they are now, how they want to respond and live and then supporting them to get there. Because this is primarily done in therapy, I realized that there are more women who need and want this type of support but don’t often have access to therapy or now they won’t meet what they think is the criteria for therapy. This led me to creating LifesavHer the brand and this program Healing Herself. This is the years of experience and knowledge I have as a trauma therapist and after listening to countless women both in and out of therapy discuss their pain points and wishes.   

How Does This Work?

This is a clinician led course but this is not therapy. Instead this is you getting 10+ years of knowledge to guide you to Healing Yourself.
We start off with OverwhelmHER. And during that phase we learn all about being Overwhelmed and the ways it shows up. We talk about how your body currently feels, your level of fulfillment in all areas of your current life. By the time we leave this space we will know why we are overwhelmed and we will be ready to learn what do with it. 



Here we learn more about you. How your experiences have shaped you and impacted you. You will learn about your patterns and cycles and how your current thinking and beliefs impact your interactions. Here we learn about your triggers and begin to learn what to do before, during and after. 



This stage is all about your body. How it currently responds to stress and triggers and how to create plans to manage. This stage is about learning somatic triggers and responses that change your reactions.



This is the skill building stage. You are learning how to communicate, how to be assertive, how to create routines that fit your life. You are creating working plans for your triggers and beginning to make changes.  Skills to create boundaries.  



This stage is about creating and implementing all of the skills learned. At this stage you are living the life that works for you. This stage requires extra attention to help you not revert back to old ways. Your relationships are improved, you are meeting your needs and the needs of those you decide to meet.  

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